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      The Romanian Orthodox Students’ Association, Craiova branch, is a youth NGO founded in 1992. During the 16 years of activity our Association has developed many programs and activities for young people, encouraging them to be active on local and national level. We are part of the …branches all over the country.

Our main goals are :

-  to involve young people in educational volunteering activities on local, national and international level;

-  to develop social assistance activities for children, youngsters and elderly people, without any discrimination;

- to encourage the young people from the  local community to actively participate in the community’s life through various activities;

-  to develop young people a positive attitude towards human rights, active citizenship and cultural diversity;

- to promote the Romanian cultural, spiritual, educational and social values on local, national and international level;

- to provide young people with high quality educational programs which can contribute to their personal and professional development;

- to facilitate the communication and cooperation European youth exchanges of ideas, experiences, knowledge and information;

-  to develop the young peoples’ commitment towards the society and solidarity between the European citizens.

Our activities are developed by 5 main departments:

I. Social assistance Department:

our volunteers organize many charitable and social assistance activities in :

    Kindergartens: educational activities with children such as: dancing, drawing, painting, modelling, singing, and telling stories and poems, role-plays, miming, out door activities.

    Elderly asylums: visits, discussions, walk with the old people in the yard; help them with the buys, sending mails, reading for them.

      Orphanages: participating to their shows, playing with the children, providing those books for children, cloths, toys, taking them out.

II. Conferences and festivals Department:

Our NGO has created a tradition in our town out of organizing several conferences and cultural-spiritual festivals each year; during the festivals we invite young people to seminars, study visits and trips (on cultural, artistic and spiritual themes), thematic meetings, and good practices exchanges. The interactive conferences facilitate direct meeting between young people and scientists, doctors, artists, theologians, writers, philosophers.

III. Training and educational programs Department

Our trainers have experience in organizing trainings and educational activities for youngsters, youth workers, volunteers, youth leaders. One of them is trainer in the National Network of Trainers for Youth in Action Program. The most interesting educational programs are:

    TOT “Education for Human Rights” ;

    Training: ” European Citizenship”

    Training: “Communication and Team-Building” ;

    Training course: “The Volunteers’ Management”;

    Work-Shop: “The Youth Projects Management”;

    Training : “Non-Formal Education in Youth in Action Program”;

    Work-shop: “Intercultural Learning”.

IV. Financial and Projects Department

Our NGO’s project team has brought into our organization many important financial contributions which enabled our members to implement interesting and innovative youth programs. We also have partnerships with other active youth NGOs in the local, national and international communities which we plan to enlarge.

V. The “ECCE HOMO” Magazine Department:

Our magazine reflects our organization’s personality in front of our community and it connects us with the civil society. It’s our way to share our members’ creative and artistic spirit through poems, thoughts, reflections, critical points of view regarding youth events. It also helps us disseminate our aims, activities, results and plans.