Articulație radioulnară distală - Distal radioulnar articulation -

Radioulnar joint pivot


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    The wrist is composed of eight or nine small, short bones carpal bones roughly arranged in two rows. The wrist is also made up of several component joints: the distal radioulnar joint, which acts as a pivot for the forearm bones; the radiocarpal joint, between the radius and the first row of carpal bones, involved in wrist flexion and radioulnar joint pivot the midcarpal joint, between two of the rows of carpal bones and various intercarpal joints, between adjacent carpal bones within the rows.

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    The numerous bones and their complex articulations give the wrist its flexibility and wide range of motion. A disk of fibrous cartilage between the radius and the ulna separates the radioulnar joint from the rest of the wrist, which is contained within a capsule of cartilage, synovial membrane radioulnar joint pivot ligaments.

    Radiocarpal ligaments carry the hand along with the forearm in rotational movements and intercarpal ligaments strengthen the small wristbones.

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    The large number of bones in the wrist force blood vessels and nerves in the area to pass through a narrow opening, the carpal tunnel. In carpal tunnel syndrome, a narrowing of this opening painfully compresses the nerves during wrist flexion.

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    Other common wrist problems include bone fractures, dislocations of the various component joints and inflamed tendons and ligaments from overuse.

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