Frecvente de accidente de baschet și ce trebuie să faceți atunci când acestea se întâmplă cu tine

Leziuni la baschet


    Author s : Feflea, Ioan; Serb, Adelina; Petan, Petru Abstract: Theoretically basketball is considered a non-contact game, but in modern basketball physical commitment takes precedence in many phases of the game.

    Starting with the fight to win the first plan in recovery or to receive a pass, the speed of the game is always increasing, the aggressive defense, all developed in a small playing space 28x15 m that creates a high density of players, causes hard contacts. The objective of the paper.

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    The objective of the paper is to determine the frequency of muscle injuries in women's basketball senior teamsthe types of muscle injuries and the recovery program followed.

    Material and method. We studied a lot of 50 athletes belonging to the 14 teams of the National Women's Basketball League.

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    The players filled an online questionnaire consisting of 13 items selected so as to provide data regarding the muscular injuries suffered in the last competitive year as well as the recovery and recovery behavior followed. Developing a large bag of skills and movement skills will create conditions to minimize muscle injuries and more.

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    Proper dosing of the effort, avoiding overload of any kind, proper rest of the athlete and proper nutrition including nutritional supplements are all ways to prevent injuries. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

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